The future of automotive computing will change the experience for all drivers. As of right now, most of the car is connected to the central computer found within, but in the near future, everything will be connected to it, creating a sense of unity within the automobile. With the dedication to research and the current advances in technology, the future for the car world looks bright. 

    Some aspects you can expect to see in the near future include a software specifically designed to make the driving experience more pleasant, cloud computing, WiFi connection within the vehicle, and many many more. As mentioned in the section on carputers, Microsoft is currently in developement of a software for cars that will make the driving exerience more pleasurable and enjoyable. Think, if we had a fully functional software integrated in the car then one could use that car for a lot more than just transportation. The software is still in developement so it is uncertain what this advancement would entail exactly.

    Another aspect to be on the lookout more in the future is the integration of cloud computing within a car. With this accessory installed in our everyday cars, one could access a database full of music and movies from within their car, making travelling that much better. One could also have traffic updates to their GPS device or the car itself. This along with the already implemented WiFi connection is extremely  monumental.

    Althought WiFi is found in few cars today, within a couple years, this accessory will be commonplace. With this advancement, one (not the driver necessarily) can surf the web, watch movies, download music and apps and so much more. The car would become a hotspot for WiFi activity and thus a better way to travel.

    With all these advancements and connectivity within a car and its central computer. It is not crazy to think about autonomous cars, or cars without human input. In fact, farther down the road of time, a self-diving car will be common on the roads of the world. However, this is farther away in the future than the previously said advancements, but a great achievement nonetheless. 

The Future of cars looks bright and will always be advancing.