When a driver or passenger need a qucik cool down or a breath of fresh air within a car, the power windows become a very important aspect of the everyday car. The user can simply press a button and down the window rolls. However, many do not know how these windows work. 

    The power windows in a car are typically connected on the same power source and circuits as the power mirrors. The controls are located on the door and are activated when the user presses the up or down directional command. The way this works is that the glass of the window is connected to a lever system, which is connected to a motor, which is connect to a computer chip, which sends and receives information to and from the central computer of the car. When a user toggles the button to move the window down. A signal from the computer is sent to the the chip. That chip then activates the motor to move the lever system. The chip acts as a counter, counting how many revolutions the motor makes. When the window is rolled back up, the chip then decreases that count of revolutions and stops when it reaches back to zero, so that there is a snug fit for the window and so that it does'nt crack or shatter due to the force applied.